Recordings by Suzanne Adams

I compiled a list of Suzanne Adams's records in an attempt to get a handle on my holdings of them.

Below is a link to that list. It contains every recording I know about, all the information I have about each recording, and my holdings as of the revision date in the document.

Suzanne Adams record list

Adams is an enigmatic, almost mysterious figure. From a well-to-do background, she studied with the finest teachers of her time, including the renowned Mathilde Marchesi. She performed at the Metropolitan Opera and Covent Garden with the most distinguished colleagues imaginable. Then, after about 1904, she retired, apparently never to sing so much as a single note again in public or private.

Adams was at least a good singer, possibly even a great one, as evidenced by the recording of Home, Sweet Home, one of the "London Red's" of 1902 linked below.

Home, Sweet Home sung by Suzanne Adams
A ce mot from Les huguenots from a Mapleson cylinder recorded 1 Mar 1902, sung by Suzanne Adams and Louise Homer

Created: 12 May 2012
Revised: 26 Mar 2021