Conn 8D, Serial Number 328,xxx (Made 1940)

Here are some pictures of an early Conn 8D. This is not my horn. Thus I cannot provide information about it beyond what is on this web page.

This is alleged to be the 8D made immediately after the one Myron Bloom played while he was principal of the Cleveland Orchestra. Since Bloom made the allegation, I give it some credence. Caveat lector.

Dick Martz's Conn 8D page

These pictures were taken with a well-used Leica M2, serial number over one million, made in 1960, and a 50mm f/2.0 Dual-Range Summicron lens made in 1958 or 1959 or a Nikkormat FTn and 55mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor-P lens. Film was Kodak Royal Gold 400 or Gold Max 400.

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