Conn Schmidt Copy

Conn, like several other manufacturers, made a copy of the C.F. Schmidt horns with the piston valve for changing between the F and B-flat sides. In the immortal words of Sam Ramsay, "Schmidt made great horns. They just aren't designed to fit the human hand."

Whether this horn is as great as Sam's Schmidt remains to be seen. The valves are very leaky, and there is a crack in the leadpipe. According to the serial number charts, this one was made in 1924.

Pictures above were taken with a Leica IIIf RD made about 1952 and an uncoated 50mm f/3.5 Elmar from 1937. Pictures of the patch and change valve also used the NOOKY close up accessory. (Yes, they really did give it that unfortunate name.)

Pictures below were taken with Nikkormat FTn and 55mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor-P on Kodak Max 400 film. Camera was mounted on a copy stand and the shutter was operated with a cable release.

As with many products, the Conn Schmidt copy had some manufacturing changes over the years. One of the major ones was revising the ports on the piston change valve to make the horn more comfortable to play. In pictures of one made in 1934, the last year they were built, you can see these differences.

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Created 6 Sep 2003.
Revised 31 Aug 2005.