Historical Trumpet Recordings

Note Well: These are all 16 bit, 44.1 KHz (i.e., CD quality) WAV files. Even with a fast Internet connection it will take several minutes to download them (i.e., before they start playing).

All transfers are by me, from original recordings in my collection.

Arrangement is alphabetical by soloist's name.

George Eskdale

The second and third movements (all he recorded) of the Haydn Trumpet Concerto. The conductor is Walter Goehr. Columbia record number 70106-D, matrix numbers CAX 8537-1 and CAX 8538-1.

Harry Glantz

Trumpet Calls of the U.S. Army, recorded 1941. Victor record number 27675. Matrix numbers D1VB 0090-2S (Adjutant's Call through Fire) and D1VB 0091-1S (First Sergeant's Call through Retreat). I realize this isn't the most interesting repertoire, but it is Harry Glantz. Frankly, were it anyone else (with the possible exception of Adolph Herseth) I would not bother posting the files. The longest is about thirty-five seconds.

Del Staigers

With the Goldman Band; Edwin Franko Goldman, conductor. Victor record 22191. Victor matrices BVE 57504-3 and BVE 57505-2, respectively. Both recorded 25 Oct 1929 in Liederkranz Hall, New York.

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Created: 6 Aug 2017
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