Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 4919 at the Virginia Museum of Transportation
27 October 2012

I visited the Virginia Museum of Transportation on 27 October 2012. My main purpose was to photograph Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 number 4919 and document its condition.

I present the photographs below without individual comments. Anyone viewing this web page knows what a GG1 is and will recognize its parts; there is no reason for me to write captions explaining each picture. It is clear that the car body has serious rust, and that moss and other plants are gaining a foothold in the nooks and crannies.

The good news is that one of the docents told me 4919 is slated for a cosmetic restoration, with the rust being repaired and a new paint job. He also said there were plans to extend the "shed" covering some of the exhibits. If that were to happen, 4919 would not be indoors, but it would be sheltered somewhat from the elements.

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Created: 1 Apr 2013