Library of Congress Musicales


This page is not an official publication or other statement of the Library of Congress. All information, opinions, etc., here are solely those of the author, were created at home, on his own time, using his own computer hard- and software, hosted on his personal web site, and paid for with his salary.

This page attempts to document as well as possible the Library of Congress Processing Department musicales nos. 1-10 (1979-1989). The information here may also help any who want to start the musicales again understand the steps necessary to do so.

Audio files are 16-bit, 44.1 KHz (i.e., CD quality) WAV files and will take a few minutes to download even with a fast Internet connection. Other files are in PDF (Acrobat) format except tracklists of those musicales that were recorded, which are in ASCII format.

General Information

Recordings and Information about Each Musicale

No recordings are known to exist of musicales 1-5. If you have recordings of any part of these musicales, please let me know via the contact me link at the bottom of the page.


Errors? Omissions? Please let me know! Particularly if you have a program for or other information about the 1983 musicale.

Created: 10 Dec 2013
Updated: 11 Oct 2020