Materials Related to Historical Recordings

Bettini Catalogs

These are scans in Acrobat format of several reprints of Bettini catalogs. (I do not have any original Bettini catalogs!) In a few cases the print in the scans is faint; it is equally faint in the reprint available for scanning.


Below are listings of records by Suzanne Adams and Pol Plançon, two singers of particular interest to me, albeit for vastly different reasons.

These are not even remotely discographies: I know well what a discography is, and neither of these meets the criteria. However, they do, I believe, include all recordings by both singers, though not all issues of those recordings, and they may be useful to other collectors. They were created for, and meet, my needs, and are offered for whatever help they may be to others.

Playing Speeds of 78 rpm Records

Playing Speeds of 78's

Created: 22 Jan 2014
Updated: 15 Oct 2020