New Orleans Symphony

The New Orleans Symphony horn section, ca. 1955.

Back row:    Vince Orso (second horn) Louis Piton (assistant principal) Joseph de Angelis (third)
Front row:    Samuel Ramsay (fourth) Robert Elworthy (principal)
Robert Elworthy later was principal horn of the Minneapolis Symphony.

Louis Piton probably joined the orchestra in the 1944-45 season as second horn. He was fourth horn 1949-52 and assistant principal 1952-56, after which he left the orchestra. It appears that when Christopher Earnest replaced Piton in the middle of the 1955 season the seating was re-ordered to be Elworthy (principal), Orso (assistant principal), Ramsay (second), de Angelis (third), and Earnest (fourth).

Thanks to Christopher Earnest and Norman Schweikert for their assistance.

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