Very glad to see. . . [the site]. Sam was a special friend of mine from Junior High to his untimely death. We learned about everything possible in those early days. How to drive at midnight through a field in South Jersey without headlights at 100 miles per hour, and how delightful those young women could be when everything clicked at the right time. How we were turned down at the same time (the same day) from getting into the army. Yes, I remember sitting in his bedroom and listening to him practice for 4-5 hours at a time.

Once when I was going through a particular difficult time (teenage years) I would go to Sam's place and let my troubles pour out. One night his Mother offered cookies and milk; I accepted. I rode with him in his model A Ford convertible. Never knew what happened to it. I was with him until the end, I knew he was very ill, but he would come here and visit and stay the weekend. I miss him very much. He was a very fine friend. We had a lot of fun together.

- Walt Hassinger, 02/26/04

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